Ebony’s 8 month update

After having a rocky start Ebony was always the smallest baby at baby group even though the other babies were born after her (You can read our birth story here) but she is definitely making up for it now. We stopped breastfeeding at 4 months, there are lots of debates about how long you should breastfeed for and no way am I about to get into that now… I have always followed Ebony’s cues. She stopped sleeping properly in our bed whilst co-sleeping (yes I know what people think about this, no I don’t care… it worked for us and I’d do it all over again). So we started putting her in her own cot which was in her own room and she went to sleep in it straight away. She stopped taking as much milk from me so we switched to pumping and bottle feeding which I couldn’t keep up with so we formula feed her.

After all of this we are now in a very good routine where she naps 3 times a day, she sleeps from 6 or 7pm until almost 6am. Yes i’m proud of this fact. A lot of other mums will have you feeling bad because their kid can do X Y and Z and yours can’t.. well guess what.. my baby girl takes after me and my girl can sleep.

We haven’t quite mastered sitting up just yet. She can sit up fine in between my legs or on my knee where she has a little dip to sit in and balance in but flat on her bum on the floor she tries to face plant… not good… so were practicing that.

She’s so close to crawling bless her… she can get around just fine without crawling though. She pivots and rolls then stretches to grab what it is she’s after…. usually my phone.Which I wouldn’t mind… but it’s not waterproof… sorry kid.

My baby girl has definitely found her voice. We’ve had some Mammmmaaas and there’s definitely dadadadadas and blaaaahhhhbbbllllaah she’s not quite sure what the sounds mean yet but they sound good.


Ebony has also been taking proper food from about 4 month on advise from her dietitian as she really struggled with reflux and colic and that seems to have really helped her. As I think I mentioned in my post ‘First Christmas’ she had Xmas dinner mushed up and she loved it. She’s also sucked a slice of toast to death (none of it was swallowed mind you). She also loves her fruit, she regularly has bananas and apples in her little fruit dummy. I was quite surprised how well that went as she’s never taken a proper dummy, she always spat it out. If your interested in one of those I shall link it here. We have the pink one.. but I’m sure blue works just as well.


Ebony’s Mum xx



4 thoughts on “Ebony’s 8 month update

  1. It’s so fun seeing them do all these new things isn’t it? ^_^ My youngest is 7 months and she’s just learned to army crawl, it’s super cute! She won’t eat anything that isn’t complete puree even if I’ve mashed it really well. Apparently she takes after me and is picky in the texture department, lol

    1. Lol well I think it helps that Ebony sticks everything in her mouth all the time… I think she’s getting ready for teething so she chews on everything. Like I said… Toast came back out a gooey mess but she liked it lol as for crawling.. Her bum goes up but that’s about it lol

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