What you actually need in your hospital bag and why you should prepare a 2nd bag

So everyone always asks you if you have your hospital bag ready and there are so many ‘what’s in my hospital bag’ type you tube videos but here’s the thing no one suggested getting 2 bags ready.

I got told so many times that when you have a baby they don’t like to keep you in, you’ll be kicked out within 6 hours…. yeah right that’s not the norm.

 Get 2 bags ready because guess what…. labour and birth DO NOT GO TO PLAN. So that birth plan you’re making… forget about it sorry to burst your birth plan bubble but it just doesn’t. Babies come in their own sweet time. I planned for a water birth… didn’t happen.

I did what everyone kinda does and I put all the essentials in there I watched a couple of videos to get ideas and packed enough for maybe 1 overnight stay. Now if you’ve read my Birth story post, you’ll know it didn’t happen that way.

My suggestion… get 2 bags, yeah I know it’s a pain but trust me it’ll help your poor husband/bf/family. Plan for both scenarios.

In your first bag, take all the essentials:

  • 1x change of clothes
  • Clothes for baby – clothes to take them home in, 2x vests, 2x baby grows, mits, hat
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy bags
  • Comfy clothes for labour and birth such as a nighty
  • Toiletries – maternity pads lots of soft cushiony pads, shower gel, shampoo you know that stuff don’t forget a towel
  • Underwear…and spare underwear just in case
  • Snacks and drinks

This should get you through a short stay. If you get to go home, happy days. If not, you need Plan B bag to save your significant other rifling through your underwear and toiletries. Have a 2nd bag ready to go with a weeks worth of the above list and I cant stress enough lots of maternity pads.

I didn’t have this bag ready to go, my husband had to gather me and Ebony clothes and my poor mum had to get me more toiletries. Having a 2nd bag would have been easier and less stressful for everyone involved. You have a tiny person to worry about…. having an argument with your other half about which knickers to bring just isn’t something you want to be worrying about.

Let me know if you find this helpful or if anyone else has any other suggestions.

Ebony’s mum x




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