Tips on buying someone baby clothes

If you’re planning on buying baby clothes for someone here’s what you need to think about before you do.

Chances are they have loads of baby clothes in the size their baby is currently so what you want to do is buy a bigger size which will come in more handy but you also have to think about the season. I was bought clothes for Ebony when she was first born in a bigger size… but they were all summer outfits, which by the time they fit her it was dead of winter. SO my top tip is buy them clothes for this season, next year, or at least plan ahead on whether this outfit will be suitable for the coming season and what size you’re planning to get. I have a pile of clothes my baby girl didn’t get to wear and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to pack away brand new clothes with tags on.

Also, obviously it’s up to you, this is just my opinion and experience, but I find it’s best to buy everyday clothes rather than fancy party clothes/dresses/outfits because unless there is a party planned, baby is’nt going to be wearing those fancy clothes just to sit around the house because they’re too nice for that. Again… I have a pile of beautiful party dressed that Ebony has never worn because we haven’t been anywhere for her to wear them. The amount she is sick or has a nappy accident, we don’t really want to ruin nice clothes like these and then the next size comes around and she hasn’t worn them… as beautiful as they are. Maybe this is my fault I should take my daughter to fancy places so she can wear them but honestly I just don’t have the energy and McDonald’s doesn’t really have the right vibe for these clothes lol.

My advice? Buy vests and socks. They are a god send and can be worn in any season and they come in all sizes and the amount of times you have to change them due to sick and nappy accidents and food accidents, you can never have enough.Plus babies like to pull off socks and chew on them so they also need to changed frequently and my baby girl always has cold feet so she needs socks. Also the more you have the less urgent washing becomes. Which is also a bonus for a new mum.

Here’s my link for vests and socks you may like:

Hope this helps.

Ebony’s mum x


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