Things I didn’t know before

Hi friends,

So this post is all about things I didn’t know before being pregnant and my experiences with it.

Lets start with a big one, not everyone has morning sickness. I was really lucky and wasn’t sick once with morning sickness (I know, you can hate me it’s ok) but I did still feel queasy around some food, like bacon. Which was all I could smell at work at the deli bar was open in the office. Oh and mushrooms, blagh. On the other hand you can get really ill with morning sickness, obviously you don’t feel well with morning sickness but if you do feel it’s particularly bad and your not gaining weight with your pregnancy or if you ever lose weight then do make a doctors appointment! Also Gaviscon can help, you can get little travel size boxes for your bag.

Now my mum always told me that her feet swelled while pregnant with me and you don’t think anything of it until you have it. OMG it’s painful! My feet swelled to twice their size, no exaggeration. My feet and legs felt so tight, like bad sunburn. There is nothing you can do about this, except ibuprofen and moisturising cream.. lots of it oh and find some really soft ballerinas to wear. Boots, trainers, sandals, flip flops… none of these will fit.

It’s kina obvious when you think about it, your body is covered with another layer of fat, plus water. Also you’re carrying a baby so the extra weight felt like a constant work out. All of this means you’re so warm all of the time. Even when you’re not doing anything. Just so so warm… so warm. Like constantly sweating. If its cold you have to layer lots of thin materials rather that a top and jumper coz you’re going to need to take them off in stages depending of heat lol without being cold, but I want ever cold. Not once.

When I got hungry, I felt starving straight away there was no building up to it I was straight starving but when I ate I could only eat a tiny bit before being full. Like so full I couldn’t move. Best idea, keep snacks in your bag because being that hungry is really draining and you really can’t wait til you get home to eat. You need to eat now!

Walking or standing for too long was soooo draining. To the point where I felt faint and had to sit down with water quite a few time during my pregnancy just because I walked through a shop, not even a big shop. Like I couldn’t have made it all the way around Ikea. Having a baby means you do need to go shopping a lot. This is what online shopping was made for! Use it!

Now most people have heard about heartburn in pregnancy but no one really tells you that it keeps you awake at night. Mine woke me up at 2am every morning for weeks. I don’t know if it is true that if you have heart burn you’ll have a hairy baby but I had it and Ebony did have a full head of hair soo…. maybe it is?

Sleep..Or lack of it! So you have to contend with the heart burn, the heat, the hunger and the swelling and you wonder why you can’t get to sleep. You need about 5 pillows strategically placed to be able to get comfy enough to drop off.. then you wake up with hip pain, knee pain and again heart burn.

Everyone knows about back ache during pregnancy but no one really mentions the hip pain, so if you finally do get comfy, being laid in one place for too long, your hips hurt so bad. All I can say is get a really soft mattress or put a couple of duvets on top of it to sleep on. I definitely hadn’t heard of the cramps before pregnancy. If you sneeze you best hold your belly coz it hurts. If you get up too fast you have to stand there scrunched over coz there’s no going back, no sitting down again, no standing up straight. Honestly I have no advice for that because I really struggled with it.

Lol there are so many memes about things on the floor staying there and you just don’t understand till you drop something whilst being quite heavily pregnant. You have 2 options, get down on the floor to get it but then you get stuck down there and need help getting back up or opt for the more popular option and forget that thing exists, move on, you’re not getting it back, not until someone else passes you it. Also under this section i’m going throw in socks. Either don’t wear them or get someone else to them on for you. Just save yourself the trouble it’s not worth it. You get too warm and flustered, you get cramp from the bending, your hips hurt again along with your knees. Socks hurt anyway with swelled feet. Just forget the socks.

Nothing is ever just you ever again. Everything is now we. We have to go to the toilet, we need food, we’re thirsty. I loved it and it hasn’t changed after giving birth, we’re still a we. Even when I’m on my own I forget and still say we. Little mummy baby team. Seriously, just the amount of love you have for your bump and soon to be baby. Ugh I can’t describe it, it’s just the best. Make the most of it. Cuddle that bump like there’s no tomorrow. I found it so hard to adjust to not having a bump anymore and the kicks! Awww I loved it. Talking to your baby and getting little kicks back is amazing. One thing though, the kicks/punches straight down… that’s an experience. It literally makes you jump. All the other movements are everything, they mean the world. Ughh so hard to describe the love you have for this little person you’ve never met.

One thing I really did not expect and had never heard of was losing friends. Even the ones you thought you were close to. It really does come out of nowhere, they just drop you. I don’t know if this is a thought out process or whether they don’t even know they’ve done it. Maybe you get boring coz you’re not drinking or going out after work coz you’re tired but I really thought that I meant more to some people. Which is a bit hard to take. It definitely for me solidifies your little family. You feel like you have your baby and your partner, you don’t need anyone else. When in actual fact you do still have friends, granted a lot of these will change and become other mums who understand you and feel the same. There’s always baby groups you can go to and make new friends. Forget the people who forgot you.

Keep being amazing. Be kind to yourself. You can only do your best.

Ebony’s mum x


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