The alternative nappy

Did you know there was an alternative nappy? One that’s softer on baby’s bum and causes less nappy rash? One that can save you ££££’s a year?? Well here’s the thing, they’re not new, they’re not a gimmick and they’re not really the alternative…… They are the originals. The ones we use now are the alternative nappies.

I’m talking about cloth nappies, also known as re-usable nappies. Now hold your horses before you click off rolling your eyes. I’m being serious. They are just as easy to deal with as disposable nappies. You clean poosplosions don’t you? Poonamis? Accidents? Leaks? Stick it in the washer on the baby setting or 30 degrees, don’t you? Well then…. It’s that simple. No, you don’t have poo flying around your washer because inside this nappy you place a nappy liner. Which looks a bit like a dryer sheet that catches the poo and you can either flush it and save the world by not sending it to landfill or you could bag it and send it to landfill like you would a disposable. Up to you. All you’re dealing with is a damp nappy.

I’ll leave all my links below in case you want to check these out. I know they’re not for everyone but they are cheaper in the long run and once you buy these they grow with the baby. I bought mine before Ebony was born and they still fit due to little snap buttons that can be adjusted to size.

These are basically what I bought:

Definitely do your own research but these are an amazing place to start.

Hope I’ve given you a little something to think about and they’re super cute. A lot nicer looking than disposables.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’ve used them, how you got on with them.

Ebony’s mum


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