I think my baby girl has been teething for months now. She chews on a lot of things but not hasn’t really been interested in her teething toys much but she has started loving her Sophie la girafe. I know that everyone seems to have these and that’s why people buy them but that one so far seems to be her favorite. I can hear her chewing on Sophie’s ears….. it squeaks against her gums but it keeps her happy. You can buy these anywhere now, but here is my code for amazon so you can have a look.

We just bought another teether which is a necklace from Teddy and Millie over at www.teddyandmillie.com. I did have a 20% off code which they had on their Instagram page. I will always share any products that we buy on Instagram and any links or discount codes on Instagram as and when i get them so you guys don’t miss them. Follow me on Instagram @Ebonysmumblog so you don’t miss these. You can also follow Teddy and Millie @teddyandmilliexx on Instagram.

I decided to get one of these because she loves necklaces. She will pull on necklaces, she’ll bite them and hold on to them for comfort….. but when they only have tiny chains it’s not something you want her to be grabbing.
SO back to the teether. She loved it straight away. The beads are soft and small enough to fit in her little hands and they’re easy for her to get into her mouth.

I definitely recommend both products.

Ebony’s mum x


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