Sympathy… what’s that?


So I’m going to start with saying… OMG I’m dying. Like really, I’ve been ill for over a week! I can’t breath or sleep and I’m coughing like a chain smoker.

Ok now that’s out the way, have you noticed before you have kids, everyone is like… aww hun are you ok? Have you got this medicine or that cough syrup or those tablets. Gets a bit annoying after a while seeing as you have every cold remedy known to man and yes you even tried making honey and lemon but you still feel like shit. Well my friends… DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. As soon as you have a little one…. nope no one cares. It’s all oh no is the little one ill? Is Ebs ok? Did Ebony get it? Is she sleeping ok? YEAHHH she’s fine, she’s not even sick.. I AM. Hello… hi.. remember me… the poorly one… yea.. me.

Nope no one cares. You don’t get to have sympathy anymore. None … not even a little. You’re a mum now, you’re invincible did you know? yea me neither… sat here with my lemsip, massive box of tissues, cough sweets and cough medicine… I can’t even be sure that I’m not overdosing on something but none of it seems to be working so sod it lets try more.

For us poor ladies that are stay at home mums… I feel you!! I do! We don’t get to drop the little angel off at daycare and call in sick nope.. we don’t get sick days, we don’t get a day off. We get the pleasure of running around after a small person even when we feel like we’ve been hit by a bus, not had any sleep and swallowed a cactus….whole. Just a tiny bit of sympathy would go a long way. Even my husbands boss couldn’t give 2 hoots, she wanted overtime and when he said I was unwell and he should be home to help with our daughter she made out like it was ‘convenient’ that I happened to be ill when they needed overtime. Like, listen here lady!! You obviously don’t have small children, or a deathly cold, you evil cow, it is neither convenient or an excuse, it’s life… family comes first. Anyway I digress… being ill with a tiny dependent person is exhausting. It’s really hard but you know what… you gotta suck it up and you have to get on with it. Even when little person is learning to talk and she’s gurgling away having a conversation with you and you can’t join in coz you’ve lost your voice, it’s horrible, it makes you feel even worse!

The best thing about it though has been duvet days… I never get to just sit and cuddle my baby, I have things that need doing and washing and cooking so having the excuse not to leave my bed except for making bottles and nap times has been good. She’s cuddled up to me and we’ve watched …. OK I’ve watched films and she occasionally slept through them but its been nice. Even if I have been coughing up a lung.

Sympathy would be nice but there’s nothing better than having cuddles with my favorite person. She makes everything better.

Ebony’s Mum


2 thoughts on “Sympathy… what’s that?

  1. Aww, (((hugs))) mama! Being sick is so much harder when caring for little ones.
    “when we feel like we’ve been hit by a bus, not had any sleep and swallowed a cactus….whole.” – This visual totally made me laugh!
    Feel better! XO

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