Pregnant? Say goodbye to your friends

One thing i did not expect from pregnancy was losing friends, OK bit dramatic. You won’t lose all of your friends but maybe one or two.

Yea you read that right. It seems that some ‘mates’ ditch when they find out you’re pregnant. Even the ones that were super happy to find out that you were pregnant.

I don’t think it was any secret that we struggled to get pregnant so when we were obviously I was ridiculously excited. I had a friend at work who I’d confided in, told all my problems to. Even this one. She was always really supportive and was never in anyway bothered by babies or pregnancy. She wasn’t trying or even interested in getting pregnant but she wasn’t against it either.

For some unknown reason after finding out I was pregnant, she decided I was no longer able to keep up with non pregnancy conversations or interactions outside of work.It’s like catching a contagious disease. It got to the point where she actually replaced me with another girl from work and then attempted to bully me. All from me just getting pregnant. Still something I was insanely happy about.

How someone can become so cold with you when you previously were good friends is beyond me but you know what…. it happens. I started a group called welcome to the world, it’s an informative antenatal class that gives you loads of information and a heads up on what to really expect after baby arrives. It encouraged sharing problems and issues, so I brought it up. Every other girl had been through exactly the same thing.

Who knew this was actually a thing!? Until I got pregnant I didn’t.

So here’s the heads up.. not everyone who pretends to be happy for you that you’re pregnant will stick around or care but don’t worry about it. The friends that do are the ones worth keeping.

I know, it sucks, sorry … but those people are not worth your time. That’s why there are so many of these on the internet..


Ebony’s Mum


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