Our 10 month update

It seems like 2 minutes ago I was writing Ebony’s 9 month update. This is seriously going too fast. Don’t they have a ‘stop growing’ button!?? Aaahhh too much!

I think my daughter may be a genius. She picks things up so fast, I don’t mean that in the literal sense, obviously she picks things up fast she’s a baby she picks up literally everything and anything you leave lying around and puts it her mouth. seriously… anything… shoes, tissues, papers….. she’s like my dog! No I didn’t mean that kind of pick things up I mean in the mental sense of the word. She copies and understands things so fast. She says words after you say them, she copies how we drink out of bottles… sod her sippy cup she wants the full bottle of water. I winked at her, you know… one of those over exaggerated, mouth open, head moving from side to side type winks. Now she keeps shaking her head at me and blinking. I’m telling you she’s trying to wink! she’s so fricken smart.

She’s still being super clingy though I don’t know if it’s a leap anymore or if she’s teething but she is starting to get fussy at night sometimes and she does have nappy rash on and off recently, which she never suffers with. So I really do think it’s all part and parcel with teething… Yay something to look forward to….. NOT.

I think I said in my last post that she’s so close to walking and i really think she is. Not only is she sticking her bum in the air, now she’s trying to grab for things to hold on to and push herself up. It’s so close I can feel it in my bones. Why do people say that… like what can you actually feel inside your bones…. Anyway.. It’s close. My mum sense is tingling. She still cant be bothered with crawling she army crawls and rolls but non of this hand and knee rubbish, we’re going for running first. That reminds me, best get those baby gates up soon!

Ebony’s napping schedule has changed… Think it hasn’t really helped that I’ve been at my mums a lot recently. My mum works in a school so she has all the ‘half term’ holidays. So when she’s off I spend all of my time at hers… Saves being locked in my own house with cold coffee. I get warm drinks there and a baby sitter. So because we’ve been there, Ebony wont really nap long in my arms. She prefers to nap in her own bed and wont settle for any baby seat or crib that my mum has. I’m thinking of getting a travel cot and putting her in my mums spare bedroom… By spare I mean my old one. Ebony is just too nosy for her own little good so she gets distracted by the dogs and us and wont sleep. May be worth a try. I’ll let you know how that goes if I do. So as I said her nap time has changed. She used to nap every 2 hours from the time she woke up in the morning, Sometimes having 4 naps a day. Now she’s down to 1… 2 at a push. I don’t really mind, saves me walking up 2 flights of stairs to her bedroom on the top floor. OMG that is tiring. I’m out of breath by the time I get up there. Not even joking. So unfit since having her. The downside of her not napping is time for me. which includes eating, drinking, cleaning, washing, making dinner for when my husband gets home, washing laundry and drying said laundry outside if it’s a nice day. yesterday I had to resort to wrapping her up in a blanket at sitting her in her rocking chair outside with me so I could hang clothes on the line, coz heaven forbid if she cant see me for 2 seconds she kicks off and it’s really not worth the 20 mins it takes me to calm her down and reassure her I’m not running off to another family and leaving her behind.

What else has changed…… hmmmmmm *makes self hot cup of coffee to be drunk as fast as possible before she wakes up*

Oh so this month is officially my last pay from work. We’re officially destitute. Nah it’s not all that bad… well… no, it is but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good of raising our child. Any one want to hire us? I have an amazing floor cleaner… she’s like one of those Roomba robot floor cleaners except she doesn’t need plugging in, you just strap a towel under her belly and she cleans as she goes. I’m joking!!!! I don’t do that… We have carpets.

That’s what we did.. I knew there was something. We … I say we… I went through all of Ebony’s tiny baby clothes and put them in to those storage bags that you suck all the air out of with a hoover. Her 0-3 clothes are bursting out of one bag to themselves. Too many clothes but at least they are now out of her room (and now say on the landing outside her room waiting to be sucked to death with a hoover). The main thing is that they are in bags and not in her drawers. That’s the positive we focus on here!

Always thinking of the positives. Like mum’s still off work… Think we’ll wander over there today and see if we can get fed while were there. Yes I’m cheeky but i’m her only child!

I’ve just noticed that Ebony has came up with a spotty rash today but it’s only on her belly and back hmmm…. I’m hoping it’s a heat rash but I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Being a mum is amazing but it’s also scary as shit. So many things to worry about from rashes and viruses to whether you’re raising your kids to be decent human-beings and not complete little arses you see walking about with attitudes. Fingers crossed this rash is nothing to worry about and goes away quickly, my poor little bunny has seen too many doctors already¬†in her short little life.

Thanks for reading guys, Catch you in the next one.
Ebony’s Mum x


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