New car seat

We took the leap into buying a new car seat this weekend from Mamas and Papas. Ebony is starting to fill her little carry car seat that came as part of the travel system pushchair that we bought for her before she was born also from mamas and papas, which I’ve loved! So easy to swap around and the car seat was is easy to take in and out with an Isofix. She’s just starting to look a little bit too big for the car seat now. I mean it’d probably be fine up until and after her 1st birthday but I like to be prepared and already have the next size up than be panicking when her head no longer fits inside it. SO we bought one that is a 0-12yrs Joie one. It’s so soft and super comfy! It has a million little paddings and cushions to be removed as she grows which is good, I’d rather her be safe and snug instead of rattling about and honestly i’m jealous. It really does look comfy.

So far I love it! it’s taken some getting used to, normally I just click n pull her and her car seat out. Now shes a big girl and I have to click her out and try not to bang her head or mine on the car on the way in out, but no seriously. The harness is better and the shoulder straps are comfy and soft with a rubbery texture underneath so they don’t slip. To say I think I just bought a transformer it’s pretty easy to switch the seating positions or make it bigger when she grows.

We also may or may not have mentioned having another… I know I know, if you read my Birth blog here you’ll know it’s the last thing on earth I ever wanted after how traumatised I was…………….. but… it’s amazing what you forget after 9 and a half months. I didn’t believe it either! But it is true. You don’t ever forget how you felt during labour but the memory of the pain is ever so slightly dulled enough for you to think maybe you could survive it again, but no more because I’d need a people carrier lol. So on that note, I’ll be keeping my isofix and baby carry car seat for if and when another appears. A travel system is definitely a good investment I feel. As long as you hang on to it.

One thing and I know it’s no big deal because most kids are hitting the height early is this whole sitting in a car seat until your 12 if you’re a short arse (and she could be.. I am)….. seriously…. Like really!? Who is going to make their 12 year old almost teenager sit in a car seat.. I was hitting my period at 11 no f*ing way would I be sitting in a car seat at 12! The world has gone safety mad!

Anyway, rant over.

To summarise, I love her new car seat. I definitely think it’s worth the price.

Ebony’s Mum

This post first appeared on on 11th April 2017


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