MAM anti-colic self sterilising baby bottle review

I had heard of MAM bottles when Ebony was born but we decided to breast feed and didn’t use bottles very often or at all. We’ve since been using a different brand. I have to say though that I’m quite happily surprised how good this bottle is. I was a bit apprehensive using this bottle knowing that the bottom unscrews and could possibly leak (or be sabotaged by small hands) but it hasn’t leaked once or come loose. The unscrewing base has only added to the ease of washing and sterilising the bottle.


Ebony is 1 now and teething, I find that the shape of the teat helps relieve teething pains when she chews it in between drinks. She seems to be able to hold the bottle quite easily herself due to the shape and size of it but she does put one hand on the bottom of the bottle rather than both sides.

MAM claim that this bottle helps with colic but Ebony is now past the colicky stage so I can’t really say whether this did or didn’t work.

The only negatives I can give this bottle is that once  the 260ml bottle is full it can be quite heavy for little hands to hold and it can get very hot when taking it out of the microwave after sterilising but I feel this a little unfair as it is common sense and you should obviously always let anything you microwave cool before touching.

I think this product would be ideal from birth due to it’s colic reducing claims… Although if I were to buy this product from birth I’d think about just getting the 260ml bottles to save money. As your little one grows they need more milk than you can fit in to the 160ml bottles so you would eventually need to get the bigger bottles but this is obviously down to preference. You can buy a starter set which has 3 sized bottles and a soother/dummy. You can get these bottles at most supermarkets but I haven’t seen the starter sets so I’lladd my affiliate link for you to check them out on Amazon. 

Unpacking and set up couldn’t be easier. You make sure the base is twisted on and tight (to avoid leaks), you twist on the teat and pop the lid on. The bottle is advertised as self sterilising as you don’t need a separate steriliser. You unscrew the base, fill it with 20ml of water (there’s handy measurements on the lid), you place the teat into the base and set the bottle part over the base then place the lid on top. Pop it in the microwave for the amount of time stated in the instructions (time can differ based on how powerful your microwave is). Let it cool before taking out again. No one wants scalded hands… and that’s it, ready for use again.

We’ve actually just been on holiday and it’s come in really handy. We only took this 1 bottle. Before we would have had to take a bottle and a steriliser. Being able to sterilise the bottles using just the bits from the bottle is so much easier and saves space and time. We all know how hard it is to travel with kids and their clothes, toys and other baby equipment so having less to take is just a godsend.

Overall I think it’s a really good bottle and it has quickly replaced the bottles we were previously using.

We were sent this by The inside edit to review for the top 100 baby products.


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