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Hi tribe,

Last weekend my husband and I had a date night without our baby girl in honour of Mikey’s birthday. He decided he wanted to go back to Huckleberry’s in Yeadon, seeing as we had a funny incident there the last time we went which involved me leaving an onion ring around my left over hot dog which the server at the time thought was hilarious and proceeded to point it out to the rest of the servers, staff and probably chef….But Mikey was told I was a keeper… (I should hope so, I was pregnant at the time) so anyway last week we decided to go back.

We had a lovely server named Kaydean  who insisted after I’d taken a pic of her that we NEEDED one together… sorry guys.. I wasn’t even wearing makeup!

I was just happy to be out of the house sod getting dressed up. Kaydean was lovely though. Almost didn’t put the pic of the 2 of us up but I thought it was only fair as she did let me take a pic and gave me permission to use it on my blog.

Also can’t forget the birthday boy.

Now if you haven’t already, I suggest you take a look at their menu here.

I ordered the country fried steak, which is as it sounds… imagine a cross between KFC and steak. Yea… different but omg so amazing. The menu describes it as:

“Tenderised beef steak in a crispy coating served with garlic mash, sauteed flat mushrooms, rocket, giant onion rings, buttered corn and JD peppercorn gravy.”

The steak was so soft and juicy but the coating still crispy, the mash was amazing, not too much garlic that it over powered the mash it was just right and the gravy was creamy and delicious… honestly I could have had a second helping and eaten that by it’s self. So good! Definitely worth a try!

Mikey got a hot dog named ‘Long shlong silver’…. honestly I think he just got it for the name. In the menu it’s described as:

“16 inch homemade pork and beef sausage with sweet chilli and jalapenos in a giant brioche hotdog roll. Topped with mexican beef chilli, homemade cheese sauce, fried onions and sour cream on the side.”

Yes, he’d already started scoffing his before I had chance to tale a picture but it’s almost 16 inch. I tried it, personally too hot for me but then I’m not a massive fan of jalapenos. Mikey on the other hand loved it and would have finished the lot if he hadn’t already promised himself he was having desert and had to save room.

I got the ‘Smores galore’

“Buttery biscuit base, layered with a set milk chocolate and peanut butter cream, salted caramel mousse and  finally topped off with a marshmallow fluff, lightly browned.”

Mikey got the ‘Carnival Queen’.

“Donut bits, sweet waffle, vanilla icecream, salted caramel sauce,topped with whiped cream, candy floss and mini marshmallows.”

I have a confession to make, Mikey’s candy floss did go all the way around when it arrived… but i stole the majority of it. If you haven’t tried candy floss with whipped cream…. you need to its amazing. These 2 deserts were both amazing, yest I tried his too…. I’m his wife, I’m allowed to steal half of his food.

I love peanut butter and i was not disappointed by the 2 massive dollops of peanut butter hidden amongst that chocolate cream and the salted caramel mousse was perfect, It wasn’t too sweet or sickly. If I wasn’t already complete;y stuffed full I could have eaten a second one I think.

Yes we ate it all, yes we were ridiculously full after and yes we went to bed as soon as we relieved my parents from babysitting duties. Thank you to them by the way as they paid for the meal for Mikey’s birthday and babysat to allow us to leave the house together after Ebony’s bed time.

Over all it was a very good night. Now we did have to wait a little while to be served but we were pre-warned of this when we booked the table as it was Saturday night, although we weren’t left waiting by the bar, we did get seated as soon as we got in. If you do plan on going, best to call first and book a table, they had to turn a few people away who hadn’t booked a table…. I think if your turning up with a party of 7 and you haven’t booked a table you’re a little bit crazy to expect to be seated (actually happened).

I do like coming here, the staff are always upbeat, fun and quirky. They will pick on you however if you choose one of the man vs food challenges and fail… so be ready for that and don’t fail!

Definitely give them a try, if you’ve already been or were thinking of going let me know what you thought in the comments. Also let me know if you liked the review and want to see more reviews in the future. I also just have to mention this is not a paid advert for Huckleberry’s, it’s just my opinion… although guys… if you’re reading… I wouldn’t say no.. you know? Help a girl out.

I post new mummy blog content every Sunday.

Gina x

Ebony’s mum


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