First Christmas

Isn’t it a little bit sad when you’re no longer excited about Christmas. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t sleep for the excitement and now it’s kinda just another day?

Well…. that’s where having a baby is so much fun.

You get to live Christmas as a kid again!

You get the excitement for them and no its not quite the same as being spoiled at Christmas but its still good.

Ebony turned 6 months at Christmas so she didn’t quite know what was going on but she still got to open her presents as she now grabs anything she can so opening presents was easy… keeping the wrapping paper out of her mouth was harder.

Being 6 months she’s also starting on solids so we obviously had to mash up Christmas dinner for her to try. She loved it by the way. There was Turkey, stuffing, potato, sprout, cabbage and gravy. She ate the lot.

My mum bought her a Jumperoo so she had her dinner while bouncing around in that, with her paper hat from the Christmas cracker she helped pull.

My little cutie, sporting her little plastic paperclip that she got in her cracker.

Can we just appreciate this for a second…. who doesn’t want a Reindeer all in one!!??


I know I’d wear one…

So my baby girl had a good first Christmas, she loves her Jumperoo and all the other gifts she got this year. Maybe next year she’ll get a little bit excited.

Ebony’s Mum

Photo by
Davidson Luna






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