Fancy shmancy coffee

After getting a little too overexcited about being released from mummy shackles for a few hours to see my friend,  I decided that a very large coffee was a good idea as it came so conveniently warm,  unlike the coffee I have to tolerate cold at home alone with a screaming attention hungry infant. 

It turns out that it was a very bad idea,  instead a simple ‘classic hot chocolate’ would most definitely have sufficed. 

So now I’m lying wide awake next to a snoring husband while watching a sleeping infant through a baby monitor, who chooses tonight of all nights to seemingly sleep all the way through without wake ups or feeds. 

This would usually be and should definitely be something to celebrate but when you have nothing better to do than watch them sleep at 3:30am, a late night feed and a cuddle would not have gone a miss. 

Lesson learned. No big fancy shmancy coffee with lots of caramel for me any time after 6pm. Stick to the hot chocolate like your very smart probably very asleep friend. 

Ebony’s very tired wide awake mum x


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