Ebony’s 9 month update

YAY! My baby girl sits up like a pro now, she struggles with crawling, it’s more of an army crawl at the minute using her head rather than her hands or arms but she’s trying bless her. She’s also trying to stand, she stands with her bum in the air and her hands on the floor. If you hold her hands she does straighten up and wobble for a few seconds then she sits back down but I don’t think it’ll be long and I really wouldn’t be surprised if she gave up crawling as a bad job.

She is definitely going through a leap at now, she is so fussy and clingy. If I put her down on her play mat to play with her toys you cant move more than a foot away from her or she cries. If you haven’t heard of leaps, you should get the Wonder weeks book, its a massive help, it lets you  know when to expect a fussy period. I may do a review on it at some point because it helped us a lot. Here is my amazon affiliate link if you’re interested in buying this book.

Ebony is still sleeping majority of the night but her naps seem to be reducing, So she seems to skip her first and last nap even though she looks really tired, she refuses to sleep. She does still sleep midday… which now with the daylight savings time, it’s more like 1:30-2:00ish now and she sleeps for 2 hoursish. I’m still quite happy with that, as long as she sleeps at night, I’m happy. I wouldn’t want it to affect her night sleeping pattern but I do get to see her more through the day. She’s such a cutie when she’s clingy, It’s lovely to be needed so much. I don’t want her to get any bigger and not need me as much. I love her attention lol.

Her words and sounds are still pretty much the same, now we communicate through rahhrs. If she wants to know where I am, (i’m never far, I could be sat behind her or in the car with her behind me in her seat), she rahhrs, I say ‘I’m here baby, rarr rarr’ and she rahhrs back and carries on what shes doing. It’s nice when you start having a thing and no one else really gets it so its just your little thing you share.

I took Ebony to a story time with a friend and she loved it. I know she likes books but I’ve never seen her interact with another person other than close family, but she seemed to like this story lady. She crawled over to the lady, named Megan and sat with her looking at a dinosaur book. She watched what Megan did and copied her, touching all the textured parts of the page and turning pages. It was amazing. It’s the best feeling when you see your baby learning new things but you also wish they would stop growing up and just stay your little helpless cuddly needy baby forever.

I think that’s everything that’s changed since last months update which you can read here.


Ebony’s mum x


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