Cure for wedding ring rash – the truth

So I recent got a rash under my wedding and engagement rings. My wedding ring I’ve been wearing a few years and my engagement ring I’ve been wearing for 10 years and never had a problem.

The problem is real people…. If, like me, you’ve had this rash, no doubt you have checked google for answers. Maybe you have come across the same blogs and sites that I have that say you need to use chemicals like peroxide and vinegar. Feel free to go and google these others if you haven’t seen them already. They can give you the reasons and scientific jargon for why it happens.

Even with this scientific jargon you don’t need to burn your hands with chemicals, I promise. Obviously use the common sense you were born with first and wash your hand, let them dry thoroughly without the rings on to make sure its nothing you’ve used or any cream you’ve got festering under there… I know… It’s gross but these things happen and they cause skin problems. Okay so we’re clean, we’re dried. We haven’t got any allergies and this is not a brand new ring (if it is… it’s probably the ring – check nickle allergies).

Next step if you’ve ruled all that stuff out is to clean your rings properly. Give them a bit of a scrub with a ring cleaner or just an old toothbrush to make sure you get any dirt from them. Wearing rings for a long time does allow for dead skin cells and live bacteria to grow in their crevices. Gross… I know. To kill said bacteria… forget the chemicals, just fill a pan with water, get a long wooden spoon or something similar that will fit across the pan without falling in, loop string through your rings and around you spoon or alternative. Make sure the rings are dangling in the water but not touching the bottom. Then turn the hob on and boil that water. 15/20 mins of boiling should be fine but honestly it’s not going to damage them if you leave it longer. I refilled the pan a couple of times to make sure (I was really sick if that rash). That’s it. No chemicals or soaps or cleaners… just water.

It works.. I haven’t had a problem since. As it’s just water, it’s safe for any skin type. Including his… so do his ring while you’re at it. I had my 2 and his all on 1 string. No need for separating them or using different water for each or separate string. Bung em all in together. Simple.

I hope this post can help someone who was thinking of buying peroxide just to clean their rings with. Please don’t, you really shouldn’t be messing with that unless you know what you’re doing… i.e a hairdresser and your dying someones hair.

Ebony’s mum


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