6 pet hates as new mum

So heres a ranting post.. here are my top 6 pet hates

  • Dads being called baby sitters. No dad isn’t babysitting Ebony, he’s looking after his daughter… you know… like a dad would.
  • When the other half tries to help out and makes things harder… like doing the washing… usually gets left in the washer and needs re washing or it does get washed and gets left in the dryer or if it does magically make it through the washing drying process it gets left in a pile on the floor in the bedroom and ends up back in the wash because who knows if this shit is clean…. not me.. I didn’t put it there.
  • People turning up to your house unannounced… Even after you’ve said you don’t like people just turning up.. that one person still does it. Stop it!! Call or text to ask if you can, in enough time for me to think of an excuse as to why you cant.
  • Just people coming over in general and the rush around you do before they come over because you have a million and one baby toys everywhere, probably a pile of baby clothes that need washing because she’s either sick or pooped on them.
  • Other mums compairing or belittling your babies milestones. Back off… I couldn’t care less if your baby can cartwheels. My baby girl will get there in her own little time.
  • The judgment/advice of everyone once you’re a mum. How you should raise your child, what you should do, Breastfeed its better, formula feed she isn’t getting enough, don’t co-sleep, do co-sleep, you should give her a dummy it’ll keep her quiet, you should’nt hold her so much she’ll be too needy, hold her more….. ahhh really!? As if being a new first time mum isn’t hard enough?

What are your pet hates as a mum, dad, person in general.. let me know, in the comments below.

Ebony’s Mum xoxo


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