11 Month Update

Well, it has been another month…. I KNOW!!! Time flies doesn’t it? I know I said it in my last update but my gosh it doesn’t seem 2 minutes since our last monthly review. If you missed that one I’ll link it here.

My baby girl looks like she’s getting the hang of crawling now, she’s still more interested in standing but she’s getting around a little easier now. Granted she does use her feet more than her knees but that kid can’t wait to be off. I bought her a walker and I’m not a 100% sold on it yet, at the minute she would rather just sit in and throw things off the edge of the tray…. not really using it to walk but we’ll see. I think she’s going to be off without it. Good job I got it in neutral colours not all pink like I really wanted to… you know, just in case we do have another and it’s not a girl. Although I have kept all her tiny baby clothes just in case the next one is a girl… Can never be too prepared.

You might have also seen my last post about Teething, which I’ll link here. It finally happened!! Ebony’s teeth are finally pushing through!! We felt them the other day, they’re only a tiny bit through at the minute but you can see them and they’re bloody sharp! Like, Yea I know… they’re teeth but I didn’t expect them to be sharp. It explains a lot really, she has been very clingy and little bit more whingey than normal. So I’m glad that’s out of the way for a couple of months.

Ebony really suffered from nappy rash and I put that partly down to teething and partly down to acidic foods like tomato based baby foods. As a result, I’ve done a lot of research about nappy rash which I shall post about shortly.

Another thing my baby girl has learnt this month is how to wave, she doesn’t always do it but she has started and it’s so cute. She’s definitely winking at literally everyone now though. She’s so clever.

Omg, my baby is almost 1 year old! Where has the time gone!? Seems 2 minutes since she was teeny tiny baby barely able to move let alone stand and wave.

As you know she is well on her way to be weaned, she eats most foods that we do and baby food pots and baby biscuits and what not but on Sunday while we were eating our Sunday dinner, I decided to fill her spoon and give her it to see what she would do. She only went and put her food straight in her mouth! I understand this doesn’t sound that amazing but it’s the first time she has fed herself with a spoon. I fully expected to be wearing that mash n gravy but no… my girl fed herself. She needed a little help getting some more on the spoon but once I reloaded she went for it. I don’t know how well other kids are doing with this stuff but omg my girl is so clever.  I feel like the luckiest mummy in the world. I just can’t believe our next update will be Ebony’s 1-year-old update. Which reminds me… best start planning her birthday party now!

Ebony’s mum


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